One-Day Symposium

AAPS NIPER Student Chapter organized one-day international symposium on “Biopharmaceutics and Drug Delivery: An Industrial Perspective” at NIPER – S.A.S. Nagar
on 30th November 2018. The symposium was sponsored by industry partners Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), USA and Syngene International Ltd., India.

The scientific sessions of the symposium was addressed by Dr. David Good (BMS, USA),
Dr. Ajay Saxena (Biocon BMS Research and Development Center (BBRC), Syngene
International Ltd., India) and Dr. Devang Shah (BBRC, Syngene International Ltd., India).
Dr. Good delivered interesting information about “Introduction to Biopharmaceutical Risk Assessment”, In silico Assessment: Drug Development” and “Biopharmaceutical Risk Assessment tools in Drug Delivery”. Dr. Saxena delivered a talk on In vitro Assessment: Biopharmaceutical Risk Assessment for Drug Substance & Drug Product” and In silico Assessment: Drug Discovery”. Dr. Shah delivered an interactive talk on In vivo/ex vivo Tools to Enable Biopharmaceutical Risk Assessment”. These interactive addresses promoted students interest in science and pharmaceutical research.

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